Parks & Facilities Manager


$17.95 – $30.46/hr

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Job Description

City of Weldon Spring, Missouri

Job Description

  • Parks & Facilities Manager
  • Permanent Full-time Position
  • Division: Parks & Recreation
  • Date: May 2, 2022
  • Hours: 40 hours per week                          
  • Salary Range: $17.95 – $30.46/hr
  • Reports to: City Administrator                          
  • Grade: 12        


This position is responsible for management/oversight, planning, coordinating and implementation of the maintenance and operations of the parks, recreation, and facilities of the City of Weldon Spring.


The following duties are normal for this position. These are not to be construed as exclusive or all-inclusive. Other duties may be required and assigned.
  • Manages and oversees all aspects of the Parks & Recreation Dept. operations and staffing; to include but not limited to the assigning of duties, allocation of resources, time management and prioritization of manpower/equipment, hiring, performance evaluations, and discipline.
  • Develops and recommends an annual Parks & Facilities budget; estimates time, materials and costs on a project basis and adjusts as necessary.
  • Develops and maintains an inspection plan and evaluates the condition of parks, facilities, equipment, and vehicles and reports findings to the City Administrator and makes appropriate recommendations for action as necessary.
  • Oversees staff support for the Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee (PRAC) activities and interactions with city personnel.
  • Prioritizes, assigns, and directs all maintenance and repair activities.
  • Prepares bid/proposal specifications for equipment, vehicles, tools, materials and/or outsourcing of work to external forces on a project specific basis.
  • Coordinates and oversees the construction and maintenance of park facilities/grounds, walking trail infrastructure and monitors the work of internal and external workforce.
  • Develops and updates regular work flow schedules and has contingency plans for inclement weather and/or seasonally appropriate activities.
  • Performs various physical tasks such as construction, maintenance/repairs, equipment operator, cleaning, mowing/trimming, mulching, snow removal and ice treatment, application of: fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, tree care: planting, watering, pruning/trimming and removal.
  • Ability to obtain state licensing and certification for a “Public Applicator’s” licensing of fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides on public grounds.
  • Manages right-of-way maintenance program; oversees internal and external forces and coordinates appropriate maintenance and upkeep of public right-of-way.
  • Oversees the planning, coordinating, and set-up of facilities and grounds for special events.        
  • Investigates and responds to public complaints and inquiries related to parks and facilities.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.
  • Knowledge of turf/lawn care and maintenance
  • Knowledge of project planning and construction practices, including building codes.
  • Knowledge of budget planning and administration.
  • Knowledge of chemical applications.
  • Knowledge of general electrical, plumbing, carpentry, water irrigation systems, concrete, and painting/staining activities and principals.
  • Knowledge of specialized safety practices for playgrounds, chemical handling, light and heavy equipment maintenance and operation.
  • Knowledge of vehicle and equipment maintenance practices.
  • Knowledge of tree and plant maintenance and care.
  • Skill in operating a computer, software and general office equipment and software such as Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Skill in using construction tools and equipment.
  • Skill in operating light and heavy equipment.
  • Skill in interpersonal relations.
  • Skill in oral and written communication.
SUPERVISORY CONTROLS:  The City Administrator assigns work in terms of somewhat general instructions.  The manager checks completed work for compliance with instructions and established procedures, accuracy, and the nature and propriety of the final results.
GUIDELINES:  Guidelines include building codes, safety regulations, supervisory instructions.  These guidelines are generally clear and specific but may require some interpretation in application.
COMPLEXITY:  The work consists of related duties connected to maintaining city parks, public grounds/land and facilities. 
SCOPE AND EFFECT:  The purpose of this position is to maintain city parks and facilities.  Successful performance helps ensure the provision of safe and well-maintained parks and facilities for the citizens of Weldon Spring.
PERSONAL CONTACTS:  Contacts are typically with co-workers, vendors contractors, elected/appointed officials, civic leaders, parts suppliers, and the general public.
PURPOSE OF CONTACTS:  Contacts are typically to give or exchange information, resolve problems, and provide services.
PHYSICAL DEMANDS:  The work is typically performed while intermittently standing, walking, bending, crouching, climbing or stooping.  The employee frequently lifts light and heavy objects, climbs ladders, and uses tools or equipment requiring a high degree of dexterity and skill. 
WORK ENVIRONMENT:  The work is typically performed outdoors, where the employee may be exposed to noise, dust, dirt, grease, machinery with moving parts, irritating/harmful chemicals, hot and cold or inclement weather.  The work requires the use of protective devices such as safety masks, goggles, and/or gloves depending upon the task.
SUPERVISORY AND MANAGEMENT RESPONSIBILITY:  This position has direct supervision over Park Specialist(s), temporary/seasonal personnel, certain city hall support staff, volunteers, and/or external contractors on a project specific basis.
  • Ability to read, write and perform basic mathematical calculations at a level commonly associated with the completion of an Associates Degree, technical training, or equivalent.
  • Sufficient experience to understand the basic principles relevant to the major duties of the position, usually associated with the completion of an apprenticeship/internship, technical/skilled trade training or having had a similar position for three to five years.
  • Possession of or ability to readily obtain a valid driver's license issued by the State of Missouri for the type of vehicle or equipment operated.

How to apply

Mail or Email resume, cover letter, and job application to Michael Padella, City Administrator, at or 

City Administrator
5401 Independence Rd. 
Weldon Spring, MO 63304
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