City Finance Division

City Finance Division
5401 Independence Road
Weldon Spring, MO 63304
Responsible for purchasing, accounts receivable/payable, and financial reporting.
Andrew Johns
City Treasurer

City Finances

Fiscal Year 2023 Mid-year Financial Report
Fiscal Year 2023 Budget 
Executive Summary of Fiscal Year 2023 Budget

The City of Weldon Spring's Tax Structure:

City Property Tax- 0% per $100 valuation
City Sales Tax- 1.5% (starting Fall 2022)

St. Charles County Tax Rates 2020

The City operates on a fiscal year that begins October 1st  and continues through September 30th of each year. The City adopts an annual budget for all funding/revenue sources and expenditures by September of each year. The annual budget serves as a fiscal guide for city staff to follow and produce progress reports which allows for regular oversight and review by the elected officials.  The City maintains three primary accounting funds consisting of the following: General Fund, Municipal Parks & Facilities Fund, and Road, Bridge & Public Safety Fund. The City has other accounting funds that are used for control and tracking purposes in relation to smaller streams of revenue or special capital projects. A summary and explanation of the various funds can be found below:

General Fund:

This is the “multipurpose” fund which can be used for any type of municipal expenditure; it is an “unrestricted fund”. Some examples of revenues include a 5% franchise fees on gas and electric utilities; additionally, there are licensing and permitting fees and fines/forfeitures from court operations which contribute revenue to the General Fund. Examples of some expenditures typical of this fund are wages/benefits, printing, insurance, office supplies & equipment, professional consultant services and travel/training expenses. 

Municipal Parks/Facilities Fund:

This is a “restricted fund”, and monies are earmarked for park, recreation activities, and municipal building operations and capital projects.  Examples of these revenues include the ½% sales tax, parks reservation/user fees and a portion of the Metro Parks Sales tax.  Some examples of expenditures include parks related wages/benefits, special events, facility/grounds maintenance, equipment/fixtures as well as real property improvements and purchases.

Roads, Bridges & Public Safety Fund: 

This is a culmination of several control funds including: State Revenue Sharing, County Road & Bridge, as well as all road project specific funds.  All these funds are “restricted”, and monies can only be spent on roads and/or public safety related activities. Some examples of the revenue typical of these funds are Motor Fuel Tax, Motor Vehicle Sales Tax, County Road & Bridge Property Tax, County Road Board grants and Federal Highway grants. The expenditures which hit these funds are road improvement capital projects, policing services, and roadway and trail maintenance expenses.

Sewer Funds:

This category of funds includes all Neighborhood Improvement District (NID) revenues and expenditures which are “restricted” to the sewer collection system.  The City constructed the collection system to serve a portion of the community that did not have access to public sewer. Each property within the district pays an annual assessment and fees to cover the debt service and maintenance for the system. The bond debt for this sewer collection system improvement was retired and paid-in-full in 2018.

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