Storm Water Management & Construction

6/10/2021 | Posted in: June 2021
Planning to do construction work on your property or disturb the soil? Construction on your property requires review and approval by the City of Weldon Spring, St. Charles County, and your Homeowner’s Association (if applicable). Each entity may have its separate requirements to permit your project.  Part of that permitting will be to assure your project keeps the environment healthy.
The City of Weldon Spring has specific ordinances to remain compliant with State and Federal Clean Water laws. A complete list of City Ordinances can be found at . The City requires sediment control to be installed before grading or disturbing the soil. Silt fences need to be installed to retain the soil on disturbed land until the activities disturbing the land are sufficiently completed to allow revegetation and permanent soil stabilization to begin. Keeping the soil on a construction site, rather than letting it be washed off into natural water bodies (e.g., streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, estuaries) prevents the degradation of aquatic habitats and siltation of harbor channels. No mud or dirt shall be tracked on the pavement. Any sediment leaving site must be clean up immediately. Also, be aware that concrete wash-out areas on public R/W or draining any cement /silt/chemicals to storm drains is strictly prohibited.  The ordinances apply to all small construction sites, including pools and new additions.
After the grading is complete any disturbed areas on the site shall be seeded and covered with straw to reestablish vegetation within thirty (30) days of completing the grading.
If you have any questions about the proposed construction on your property, please call the Community Development staff at City Hall.
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