Parks & Recreation Survey Resutls
Posted on Wednesday August 19, 2015
The 2015 Parks & Recreation survey results are in...

The City of Weldon Spring issued a Parks & Recreation survey in the June 2015 Newsletter edition. Overall we received 121 surveys from our residents. After collecting the data we can finally get a better understanding of what the community is wanting from our Parks & Recreation program and how this can tie into the new park land purchased this year.


The survey was inserted into the Newsletter which was sent to every household and business in the City limits.  Residents were given until July 15th to return their completed surveys, however, we continued to accept surveys through July 24th.  At the Independence Day Celebration on July 4th we also made the surveys available to the public and numerous were completed and returned during the event.  The surveys were also available on the City’s website. 


To being, over half the survey respondents are between the ages of 45-65 and are female. Of the 12 different activities/amenities listed, the top three that should be added to our park are: extended walking/biking paths, farmers market, and extra picnic shelters. The playground equipment is up to par and is only being used “sometimes” by local residents. Yet 61% said “yes” to a second playground while only 31 people put it as there top 3 amenities they would like to have added to the park. Finally, our responders are pretty satisfied with the park but would love to see more events/activities planned.

Attached we have put together a number of charts to help visualize the data collected and show how residents responded to the questions in the Parks & Rec Survey.

 For more information regarding this topic please contact Michael Padella, City Administrator, at [email protected] or by phone at 636-441-2110 ext. 102.


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