City of Weldon Spring Road Project Updates
Posted on Wednesday January 13, 2016
The City is currently working on three major road projects each is in a various stages of development. Weldon Spring Parkway Phase 2 is expected to be completed by the end of March 2016. While Independence Road Phases 3 will just be gearing up in February of this year with major construction beginning this spring through fall. Preliminary design is wrapping up for Independence Road Phase 4 and easement/right-of-way acquisition is planned to begin this year. Below are more details about each of

Weldon Spring Parkway Phase 2

The project limits are from Independence Road to 280 feet southwest of Center Pointe Hospital Drive.  The boulder wall is complete for both the north and south side of the road. Mainline pavement for this project is complete with actual strengths meeting or exceeding the design strength. The Contractor has completed the turn lane on Hwy 94 needed to open up the new addition of Weldon Spring Parkway. A small segment of Weldon Spring Parkway will be opened from Independence Road to the new Dairy Queen entrance in order to remove the existing Dairy Queen Entrance along Independence Road. In order to open the remaining section of the road, the asphalt trail and striping must be complete; however, these items are weather dependent and have to meet specific temperature ranges. There have been a total of two change orders for this project. Change Order No. 1 is a substitution for the accepted shredded oak bark mulch for Merrimac landscape rock. Change Order No. 2 comprises a second entrance to the Dairy Queen/Dyanne’s Park property to provide relief of ingress/egress. Without this change order the western lots would only have access to their property via the entryway for the Dairy Queen property. The new entrance will relieve safety concerns with the Dairy Queen drive thru giving a direct entrance to the western lots. The second part of the change order contains a quantity addition for the new line item of Concrete “S” Curb. The third part of this change order provides for additional signage along Independence Road to direct motor vehicles that there is no longer a left turn movement and Weldon Spring Parkway shall be utilized for south bound traffic on Hwy 94. The project is currently estimated at 90% complete. The anticipated completion date is the end of March 2016.


Independence Road Phase 3

The project limits are from Wolfrum Road to 350 feet west of Nancy Lane. MoDOT gave authority to issue the notice to proceed on January 8, 2016.  The Pre- Construction Meeting and Notice to Proceed dates will be scheduled this week. Most of the relocations are completed, but we are still waiting on a couple of companies to relocate and an approval to proceed. The existing pavement will remain in place thru the winter, but the contractor may start work on clearing trees, grading, storm sewers and retaining walls during the winter. The major lane reconstruction will start in the spring of 2016.  The traffic on the section of Independence Road Phase 3 under construction will be reduced to one-way traveling west from Wolfrum Road during construction in 2016.  The project should be completed by March of 2017.


Independence Road Phase 4

 The project limits are from Galahad Drive to 350 feet west of Nancy Lane.  The preliminary plans were presented to the public and revisions are being made based on most of the public comments.  The preliminary plans will be submitted to MoDOT in January of 2016.  The right of way plans are being prepared and will be submitted to MoDOT in January of 2016. The project’s tentative timeline is right-of-way acquisition and final plans in 2016, and construction beginning in 2017. 




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