Withdrawal of Rezoning Request by Asphalt Plant
Posted on Friday March 11, 2016
Breckenridge Material Company has withdrawn their application for rezoning and a Conditional Use Permit at 175 Miller School Rd. next to the Busch Wildlife Area.

According to St. Charles County Officials the applicant officially withdrew the applications on March 10, 2016 for both the rezoning and the conditional use permit to operate an asphalt plant. The applications will not appear on the Monday, March 14th County Council agenda or any future agendas.

If the applicant wishes to pursue this in the future they would need to reapply and return to the County Planning & Zoning Commission, and County staff will re-notify everyone.


St. Charles County Council: County Council (click here)



Resolution No. 2/25/16


            WHEREAS, the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the City of Weldon Spring, Missouri being duly assembled at a Board of Aldermen Meeting on this 25th day of February, 2016, and


            WHEREAS, the City of Weldon Spring is authorized by Section(s) 64.110 and 64.120 RSMo. to file a written protest against the issuance of rezoning and Conditional Use Permits for any land lying within one and a half (1.5) miles of the city limits, and


            WHEREAS, Application No. CUR16-000001 by the  Breckenridge Material Company has been submitted for the rezoning and a Conditional Use Permit for 175 Miller School Road before the St. Charles County Planning and Zoning Commission and the St. Charles County Council and it does concern land within one and a half (1.5) miles of the corporate limits of the City of Weldon Spring, Missouri.


            WHEREAS, the City of Weldon Spring believes that St. Charles County should comply with its own Parks and Open Space recommendation under their 2025 Master Plan, which places this proposed project in an area that has historically been zoned for agricultural uses, and


            WHEREAS, the City of Weldon Spring believes that it is the intent of the St. Charles County Planning and Zoning Department to follow future land use plans for the various municipalities as the County only has zoning jurisdiction within the unincorporated areas, and the proposed Application No. CUR16-000001 is out of step with the City of Weldon Spring future land use plans for the adjacent and surrounding areas, and

            WHEREAS, the City of Weldon Spring, Missouri was not properly notified prior to the County Planning & Zoning meeting and the City does so intend to protest the rezoning requested in Application No. CUR16 -000001 and ask that the Application be denied.


            NOW, THEREFORE, the City of Weldon Spring, Missouri, hereby passes this Resolution of Protest in order to place a remonstrance against the rezoning and Conditional Use Permit application No. CUR16-000001 for the following reasons:


1.)  The proposed Asphalt Cement Plant would be obtrusive to the surrounding communities and a detriment to the local character and aesthetics of those communities, and an impairment of property values within the surrounding neighborhoods, not to mention the odor and noise that would be generated by an asphalt and cement plant along with the dangers of  the additional traffic consisting of heavy trucks and related equipment that will now be driven through this portion of the existing Conservation Area. The site is also adjacent to a MoDOT Community Parking lot and the parked vehicles may be impacted with dust and debris from the plant’s operations.


2.)  The requested three (3.0) acres of ground is currently surrounded on three (3) sides by the August A. Busch Conservation Area and the openness of this conservation area around the property lends to the appropriateness of the  projected future land use of the County’s Parks and Open Space for this area therefore making it less than ideal for heavy industrial zoning.


3.)  The proposed rezoning of the three (3.0) acre tract of land to heavy industrial is not compatible with the surrounding land uses and zoning districts which consists of agricultural, planned commercial, general commercial and high tech office districts.


4.)  Within the County Planning and Zoning Commission Packet contents, the Land Use Map – Land Use Plan contained erroneous information which indicated that the land across I-64 from the designated site was designated as “industrial”.  This property is within the City of Weldon Spring corporate limits and is currently zoned Planned Commercial, General Commercial and half acre (1/2) Residential with an “Old Town Overlay” designation. The current and future land use maps of the City were updated and adopted in 2015 and are not compatible with an industrial use.


FURTHER RESOLVED,  that the City Clerk is hereby authorized and directed to file a certified copy of this Resolution of Protest with the County Registrar’s Office as evidence of our municipality’s remonstrance opposing Breckenridge Material Company Application No.CUR16-000001 that has been submitted to St. Charles County.





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