Prop S: Roads & Police


Prop S passed on April 5th.

The Mayor, Board of Aldermen, and City Staff bagan creating the important plans for how the funds will be used to improve all of Weldon Spring. Check back here for more information later on.

The City of Weldon Spring’s Board of Aldermen added* Prop S to the April 5th Ballot. The residents of Weldon Spring will decide whether a 1% sales tax will be added on purchases in the City limits for funding policing services and public roadway maintenance and safety improvements.
*Bill Number 1172 Ordinance Number 21-13

What Prop S funds?

Funds raised from the 1% sales tax would be earmarked specifically for roadway improvements/maintenance and policing services.

Policing Services:

The City of Weldon Spring does not operate its own police department. The City instead contracts with St. Charles County Police Department (SCCPD) for policing services. SCCPD has one dedicated officer in Weldon Spring for 10 hours per day with 24/7 emergency response coverage costing the City on average approximately $225,000 per year.

During preliminary discussions with SCCPD it is estimated that it would cost an additional $125,000 annually to add six hours of dedicated patrol per day while still providing 24/7 emergency response. In total, this contract would be for 16 hours of patrol and 24/7 emergency response for an approximate total cost of $345,000. In 2021, the survey results of residents and businesses, indicated that increasing police services was the second to the most desired area for Community Investment. 83% said they were supportive or very supportive of increasing police presence and dedicated patrol in the City.


Roads with regular maintenance have an average lifespan of 25 years. In the City of Weldon Spring, public roadways in every major subdivision are over 25 years old with many of them over 30 years old. This means that to maintain a high standard of quality, the city needs to spend more on these public streets. Right now, the City of Weldon Spring receives an average of $210,000/year in funds from the St. Charles County’s Property Tax. The funds have historically covered the expense of roadway maintenance (i.e. snow/ice removal, pothole patching, slab replacement, asphalt crack seal and overlays). As the roads continue reach 25+ years of age, maintenance needs are increasing exponentially and based upon recently updated roadway maintenance plans will require approximately +/-$550,000 per year to keep streets in their current condition which are on average rated as “good”. The age of the street in addition to the rising costs of materials and labor are further stretching the City’s financial resources thin making it difficult to keep pace with the rising demand for repairs.
2022 Pavement Preservation Plan PDF  provides summary of current roadway conditions and analyzes future roadway maintenance needs and their associated expenses.

In 2021, the City Engineer further developed a five-year Public Infrastructure Plan for City-wide roadway maintenance and improvements. It addresses the needs of all Weldon Spring’s publicly owned and maintained streets over time and will help guide decisions on how to budget and when to plan for work. There are approximately 9.5 miles of asphalt roads and 14 miles of concrete streets maintained by the City of Weldon Spring. According to the analysis, the City needs to spend over $550,000 per year to keep the city streets in good condition.

In 2021, the City surveyed Weldon Spring residents and businesses to gauge their opinions on City services. Improving/maintaining roadways was the top selected area for Community Investment. 95% of respondents they were supportive or very supportive of Roadway Maintenance Investment; 86% said they were supportive or very supportive of roadway improvements.

Why a Sales Tax and Not a Property Tax?

The benefit of a 1% sales tax is that the cost burden of street repairs/improvements and policing services is shared among all who visit and ship in Weldon Spring, not just city residents. Weldon Spring residents pay 0.000% in personal property and real-estate taxes to the City of Weldon Spring. The only tax paid directly to the City of Weldon Spring is a 1/2% sales tax adopted in 1998, for City parks, recreation, and facilities.

How much money could Prop S Sales Tax generate?

Using current estimates, Prop S would provide $600,000 to $700,000 in funds to the City of Weldon Spring. This money would be earmarked specifically for roadways and policing services.

St. Charles County Cities’ Tax Rates:

City Current Sales Tax Rate Current Personal Property & Real-estate Tax Rate
Weldon Spring: 0.5%(1.5% if Prop S is approved by voters) 0.0000
St. Peters: 2.0% 0.7700
Cottleville: 2.0% 0.2819
Dardenne Prairie: 2.5% 0.1025
Wentzville: 2.5% 0.6722

The last tax added for the City of Weldon Spring was 23 years ago.

  • 1984- The City of Weldon Spring is incorporated
  • 1990- Weldon Spring U.S. Census population of 1,388
  • 1998- ½% sales tax approved by voters for Weldon Spring parks & facilities.
  • 1998 & 1999- Bryan Middle School & Independence Elementary open
  • 1999- Weldon Spring purchases initial 12 acres for 1st city park and city hall location
  • 2000- Weldon Spring U.S. Census population of 5,375
  • 2009- Independence Road Phase 1 construction begins
  • 2010- Weldon Spring U.S. Census population of 5,443
  • 2010- Weldon Spring replaces Parks Building with new “Red Barn”
  • 2015- Weldon Spring purchases 5 acres adjacent to existing city park
  • 2020- Weldon Spring U.S. Census population of 5,326
  • 2021- Community-wide survey and Five-year Public Infrastructure Plan & Road Analysis are completed.
  • April 5th, 2022- Weldon Spring Voters decide Prop S